'An extraordinary and inspirational story. Sunny Jacobs is a remarkable woman'
- Susan Sarandon, Actress

'A memoir that is both troubling and inspiring'
- Sunday Express

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"Truly inspiring biography from Sunny Jacobs. Sunny was sentenced to a crime she did not commit along with her partner and was sentenced to death row. During her time on death row she managed to always maintain a positive attitude to her life, her partner and her family. Although Sunny does eventually gain her freedom - whilst in jail she has to bear being apart from her beloved two children who are thankfully looked after by her parents. Further tragedy strikes in later years when both her parents are killed in a plane crash and still Sunny refuses to give into suicide and ensures her brother continues to care for her children until she gains her freedom. The chapter dealing with the execution of her partner is truly horrific and makes heartbreaking reading. Many love letters from Sunny to/from her partner are documented in this biography and the book is beautifully written. A very thought provoking read which I would recommend."


About Time: Surviving Ireland's Death Row

Law and justice are not always one and the same. On the 27 November 1980, Peter Pringle waited in an Irish court to hear the following words: 

Peter Pringle, for the crime of capital murder the law prescribes only one penalty, and that penalty is death.
The problem was that Peter did not commit this crime. Facing a sentence of death by hanging, Peter sought the inner strength and determination to survive. When his sentence was changed to forty years without remission he set out to prove his innocence. 

Fifteen years later, he is finally a free man. This is his story. 

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