Please support Sunny and Peter

Sunny and Peter live in a small rented cottage in the west of Ireland where they grow vegetables, raise goats and chickens, and focus on writing and campaigning using the phone and Internet. 

Despite their years of false imprisonment neither of them received any form of compensation and they therefore relay on Peter's modest state pension as their only form of income.  

Sunny and Peter often travel around Ireland and internationally, speaking at events and sharing their story and they rely on the goodwill of supporters to continue this work of spreading the light of justice.

Here are some ways you can help their work:

    • Organise a talk or workshop: From time to time Sunny and Peter travel to speak at events in Ireland and internationally. If you are interested in organising a talk please use the contact form on this website and give details of your proposed event, including dates, venue and location.

    • Promote this website and the Facebook page 

    • Make a donation: Donations, however big or small, are always welcome to fund the travel, logistics and materials required for this work.
      - Online donation function via PayPal is now live. 

    • Take up the cause: See the links page on this website and get informed and active with many of the groups active on the death penalty and for social justice and human rights worldwide. 

    • Be the change! Do whatever you can to embrace your freedom, care for yourself and others, and to become a shining light for change in the world.

    • Other ideas? Send your ideas to Sunny and Peter using the  contact page. 

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